Game-changing consumer trends in Canada

  1. The changed path of customer purchasing. More than 85% of the population is now connected to the Internet. They use it to search, review and compare products and services. More than 40% buy online
  2. The new “health mania”. The demand for health and wellness-related products is increasing. 31% of consumers are willing to pay a premium for these products
  3. Customization is king. Consumers are increasingly looking for custom-made solutions that fit their specific needs. Personalization is now a significant factor in determining value for money
  4. The “green factor” advantage. Social and environmental consciousness among consumers has reached a tipping point. 60% consider themselves ethical consumers and 30% are willing to pay a 15% premium on ethically made products
  5. The lingering effect of the recession. Consumers have become more aggressive bargain seekers. Low interest rates have spurred high debt levels to supplement stagnating wages

Source: Business Development Bank of Canada